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The MCT Dance-A-Thon is an eight-hour "dance through the decades" extravaganza that benefits access to the performing arts for all ages and abilities.

Forming an MCT Dance-A-Thon team is a great way to share fundraising responsibilities and have fun on the dance floor with friends, family, and co-workers. 

Are you ready to get this party started?

1. First Things First
    •    Pick a captain
    •    Create your team name
    •    Register your team online
    •    Personalize your fundraising page
    •    Start recruiting team members

2. Fundraise
    •    Develop your fundraising strategy
    •    Reach out to family, friends and co-workers for support
    •    Check to see if your employer has a matching gift program
    •    Use social media to reach a broader audience

3. Get Ready to Dance
    •    Start limbering up, dancing is seriously good exercise
    •    Choose whether you want to dance all day or just to certain decades
    •    Plan your costume choices
    •    Decide if you want to enter the team choreography contest
MCT Dance-A-Thon Team Info

When and where is the event?
The MCT Dance-A-Thon is September 22nd from 1pm – 9pm at MCT Center for the Performing Arts, 200 North Adams Street. Doors open at 12pm to pick up goody bags and for last-minute registrants.
How much is registration and what does it include?
Event registration is $25 and includes eight-hours of music, soft drinks, and food, goody bag, and dance lessons from some of Missoula’s top dance instructors.
What happens on September 22, the day of the MCT Dance-A-Thon?
The MCT Dance-A-Thon is a dance party through the decades with family, friends, and co-workers. You can stay on the dance floor for all eight hours or take breaks. We don’t encourage dancing til you drop! In fact, we’ll have drinks for adults (cash bar) and kids, as well as snacks and dinner. You can dance “alone” or pull a team together of up to 10 people to share in the dancing and fundraising.
Our DJ will spin tunes from the 1920s to today, and we’ve recruited instructors from 406 Salsa, Ballet Arts Academy, Downtown Dance Collective, On Center Dance Studio, Showtyme, Tango Missoula, and more to teach you steps from some of the dance styles typical of the era. Here’s what you can expect to learn from each decade:

1920s - Charleston 

1930s - Tango/ballroom dance

1940s - Swing dance (the Lindy, jitterbug)

1950s - Early rock and roll (the twist, stroll, mashed potato, salsa)

1960s - More early rock and roll and beach music (the jerk, monkey, Watusi, swim, Freddy) 

1970s - Disco and funk

1980s - Early hip hop and break dancing

1990s - Hip hop

Will there be prizes?
Oh yes, there will be prizes! We will award prizes for best costume, best dance routine (as a team), best dancer (solo), most time on the dance floor, most funds raised, and more.
Do I need to form a team to participate?
No, you can take Billy Idol’s advice and dance with yourself! But if you do decide to form a team, your max group size is 10. Check the box of info above for more details about forming a team.
Who should attend MCT's Dance-A-thon?
If you’ve ever shoved your coffee table out of the way to have a dance party in your living room, if you’ve participated in any MCT camps or productions, if you believe in the power of the performing arts to foster community and transform lives, this event is for you!  

We ask that children under 18 are accompanied by an adult at the Dance-A-Thon.
How does the fundraising work?
Our goal is to raise $25,000 so that we may continue to stage local productions and bring performing arts opportunities to communities that might not otherwise have access to them. Each person who registers is encouraged to raise at least $100 to benefit the performing arts. There are a variety of ways to fundraise, including sending out an email requesting support from friends and family, organizing a bake sale, diverting coffee funds to the MCT Dance-A-thon for a month…we’ll have more ideas for you after you register!  

Do I have to dance, or can I just watch my kids/friends/co-workers have fun?
Spectator tickets are $10 and give you the chance to take in the dance party scene without breaking a sweat.
More questions?  Check out our FAQs or contact us at Dance@MCTinc.org.
We will continue to add more information to this page, so please check back frequently!